Jennifer Lynn School of Irish Dance

A fun and friendly Irish Dance school where children and adults learn the tradition of irish dance and also modern peices with drama and pop culture.


Mid-Atlantic Championships 2014

(Picture Top Right)

Allison- 1st Place- Beginner Light Jig & 2nd Place Beg. Reel & 3rd Place Beg. Single Jig

Madison- 1st Place- Beg. Light Jig & 3rd Place Beg. Reel & 3rd Place Beg.Slip Jig

Amanda- 3rd Place- Intermediate Light Jig & 3rd Place Intermediate Single Jig

Alexa- 1st Place- Beginner Single Jig

Alyssa- 2nd Place- Intermediate Single Jig

Ava- 3rd Place- Beginner Light Jig

Erin- 2nd Place- Beg. Single Jig & 3rd Place- Beg. Reel

NAIDF Nationals 2013

(Picture Top left 2 pictures)

1st Place- Small Group Freestyle Age 8 & Under: Nora, Kayleigh, Alexa

1st Place- Dance Drama- "Grease"

Madison- 3rd Place Beginner Champion

Mid-Atlantic Championships 2012

( 2nd set of pictures on R)

1st Place- Fairy Reel, 17 & Over: Meghan, Alyssa, Madison, Brooke, Jennifer, CJ

2nd Place- 4 Hand Reel 8 & Under:

Claire, Alexis, Kylah, Ava

CJ- 2nd Place Jr. Champ Slip Jig & 2nd Jr. Champ Treble Jig

Meghan- 2nd Place Novice Reel

Alyssa- 3rd Place Intermediate Slip Jig

Erin- 3rd Place Beg. Reel

Ava- 3rd Place Beg. Reel

Madison- 3rd Place Beg. Reel, 3rd Beg. Light Jig, 3rd Beg Slip Jig

NAIDF Nationals 2012- 

(Pictures Bottom left)

Charlie- 1st Place Adv. Beg Age 8 Champion!!   

Jennifer- 3rd Place Prizewinner Over 20 Champion

CJ-   3rd Place Jr. Champion Over 18 Champion