Jennifer Lynn School of Irish Dance

A fun and friendly Irish Dance school where children and adults learn the tradition of irish dance and also modern peices with drama and pop culture.

Class Descriptions


For our youngest dancers ages 4-8.  This is designed to give dancers a fun & creative introduction to Irish dance.  We will work on body coordination, balance, memory, posture, and rhythm mixed in with lots of fun!  Dancers will continue to work on posture , placement, execution and timing.  They will learn the basic steps in Reel, Light Jig & Single Jig.  

Pink Troupe

Dancers will start emphasizing on their show presence and will continue to learn Reel, Light Jig, Single Jig steps with the addition of Slip Jig & starting Hard Shoe

Silver Troupe

Same as Pink Troupe.  Dancers will start continue learning new music and steps in Treble Jig & Treble Reel.



This class is for our older and seasoned dancers.  Dancers will continue to work on their skills and will continue to perfect their steps with harder moves and techniques.  They will continue progressing with Hard Shoe, adding Hornpipe steps. 



Adults will have fun learning solo dancing and ceili dancing ( group dancing) in an informal and fun atmosphere.  Competition & performance opportunities are also available to adults if they wish.