Jennifer Lynn School of Irish Dance

A fun and friendly Irish Dance school where children and adults learn the tradition of irish dance and also modern peices with drama and pop culture.


Does my child have to be Irish or have previous Irish dance experience to join? 

Absolutely not! At our school we embrace diversity and welcome students from any and all backgrounds.  Irish Dance is a fun and fit activity for any child.  Previous dance experience is not required, as all dancers will be taught the basics of Irish Dancing.

At what age can my child begin taking Irish dance class?

This decision is unique to each dancer and their family.  Dancers are welcome to join as early as 4 years old, but any age is fine to start, in fact its never too late to start to learn Irish Dancing.  We welcome beginning dancers of any age.   

Do you offer adult classes?

YES we do!  Who says adults have to be left out of the fun?  Our adult class offers both Ceili and Step dancing and will run on a pay as you go method.  Email us your contact info so we can put you on our email list with updates about this new class.  


What should my child wear to class?

New beginners should come to class in comfortable clothing to move in.  New beginners should wear socks or sneakers for their first lesson, or if they have them, ballet slippers or jazz shoes.  Tee-shirts and shorts are recommended so that teachers can fix technical problems and adjust dancers feet placement.  

As dancers advance they should invest in ghillies ( the soft Irish Dance shoe.)  Before you go out and buy them, check with us for outgrown shoes from other dancers.  

Hair should be pulled back and away from the face. 

Do I need to buy an expensive dress or wig?

Not at all, dresses and wigs are not mandatory.  We understand that it is every family's choice and preference to what they want to spend, therefor we offer cheap alternatives to costumes and dresses that can accommodate any budget.  However, we do have a wide range of choices and prices for dancers including: simple embroidered skirts, jumpers, elaborate school costumes, and sleek performance dresses.    

Does my child have to compete?

No, your child does not compete if it isn't right for them or your family.  However, if you decide that you do want to look into the competitive side of Irish Dancing, our school does offer in school competitions as well as local and national competitions for Irish Dancing organizations.  

Will I get to see my child perform and when can they start?

Dancers can start to perform as soon as they know their first step!  We are always encouraging new dancers to get stage experience to gain confidence.  We have many opportunities throughout the year for dancers to share in, some examples are St. Patrick's Day Parades, annual dances, picnics, fundraisers, nursing homes, baseball games, and weddings to name a few.   

Where can my dancer register for classes?

 We are always welcoming new dancers during the year 24/7.  Just give us a call at (908) 445-5966 or email us before you attend your first free lesson with the Jennifer Lynn School of Irish Dance.