Jennifer Lynn School of Irish Dance

A fun and friendly Irish Dance school where children and adults learn the tradition of irish dance and also modern peices with drama and pop culture.


A "Feis" is an Irish dance competition;  Feisanna is the plural form.  Competing in Feisanna is not mandatory.  If you think you might want to try a Feis, talk to Miss Jennifer to see if you are ready and what you should do to prepare.

 If you have any questions on registering, just ask and I'll be happy to help you. 

Good Luck and have Fun Feising!

Levels & Bumping



First Feis- through age 5, these dancers are not scored






Adult Open


Beginner- Must win 1st,2nd, or 3rd in competition with 5 or more dancers

Intermediate- Prizewinner per dance- Must win 1st with 5 or more dancers.  Novice and up must win 2 1st place wins. 

-Complete Bumps: 

Inter--> Novice: 1st in both soft shoe & 1 hard shoe

Novice-->Prize.:1st in both soft shoe, 1st in both hard shoe and trad. set

* If there is less than 5 dancers,  dancers must win 2- 1sts in the same dance to advance in that dance

Qualify for Nationals

Qualify for Nationals

**Must compete in 1 out of 2 Qualifying RTN Championship Events